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Having successfully combined small town hospitality with big city amenities, the vibrant urban center known as Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is one of the best places to live in Canada. Sitting on the picturesque banks of the South Saskatchewan River, the city of Saskatoon is home to over 300 acres of gorgeous riverbank parks and 254,000 residents. Proud of its rich multicultural heritage, Saskatoon celebrates the past while embracing the future with numerous special events, festivals, clubs and galleries.

Situated in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, Saskatoon experiences four seasons each year and enjoys more sunshine than any other city in Canada. Connected to other cities via Highways 11 and 16, Saskatoon is a wonderful place to call home and is comprised of over sixty neighborhoods divided into five areas. Among the most popular areas are the east side, west side and north side of the city.

The north side is, as the name suggests, the northernmost part of Saskatoon. There is a considerable amount of commercial development in the north side but the convenient access to highways in the area make travel to Saskatoon’s national parks and glistening lakes a breeze. Because of the area’s close proximity to scenic walking trails and its mature, well-established neighborhoods, most people who end up moving to the north side never leave. The north side encompasses Downtown Saskatoon and the popular neighborhood known as City Park. Other north side communities include the Central Business District, Kelsey Woodlawn, Lawson Heights, North Park, Richmond Heights, River Heights and Silverwood Heights.

As an example of north side neighborhoods, City Park, formerly called West Saskatoon, is home to around 4,400 residents. Homes for sale in City Park include low-rise and high-rise condos, townhouses, semi-detached and single family homes. Similar to other north side neighborhoods, the average listing price for a low-rise condo in City Park is $178,900, while the average listing price for a high-rise condo is around $238,100. Townhouses in City Park have an average listing price around $359,700 and semi-detached homes have a slightly higher average price of $415,000. Single family homes in City Park are the most plentiful real estate option and have an average listing price around $327,200. The price of homes in other north side neighborhoods are comparable, varying depending upon the property’s age, size and location.

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