Saskatoon Area Homes for Sale

For prospective homebuyers wanting to live near, but not in, the remarkable city of Saskatoon, there are a variety of real estate options in close proximity. Just a short drive from Saskatoon you can find charming small communities, large acreages and everything in between. The area surrounding Saskatoon is divided into four distinct areas, each with its own unique character and impressive features. Generally, these four areas are referred to as North East, North West, South East and South West. Each of these is composed of farms, acreages, small towns and subdivisions.

The North East area outside of Saskatoon is comprised of the communities of Aberdeen, Cudworth, Prud’homme, St. Denis, Vonda and Wakaw. Of these communities, Aberdeen is the closest to Saskatoon and has a commute time a little under twenty-five minutes. Home to approximately 527 residents, Aberdeen’s home prices tend to be a bit less than home prices in North West communities. Wakaw is approximately halfway between Prince Albert and Saskatoon, so it is too far to commute, while Vonda and St. Denis are around a thirty minute drive to the City.

The North West area outside of Saskatoon is larger than the North East and is home to many more communities. The North West is a popular destination among people planning to commute and boasts a short drive to the City, around fifteen to twenty minutes. There are many towns, acreages, farms and subdivisions within the North West. Among them, Martensville and Warman are two of the largest and fastest growing. Residents of North West enjoy great schools, wonderful amenities and easy access to Saskatchewan’s best national parks and beautiful lakes. Cathedral Bluffs is a high end subdivision in the North West area, located along the South Saskatchewan River. Other North West small towns include Asquith, Borden, Hague, Hepburn, Herschel, Laird, Radisson, Rosthern, and Waldheim. There are also delightful real estate options in the North West communities of Dalmeny, Osler, and Langham.

In the South East area outside Saskatoon there are also wonderful real estate options. The splendid communities found in the South East are not ideal for commuters, however they do have excellent real estate options and a plethora of amenities. A few of the most popular South East communities include: Allan, Beaver Creek, Bradwell, Blackstrap Sheilds, Blucher, Casa Rio, Clavet, Colonsay, Dundurn, Elbow, Elstow, Furdale, Grasswood, Hanley, Kenaston, Outlook, Riverside Estates, Sunset Estates, Viscount, Watrous and Young.

The South West area outside of Saskatoon branches out from Highways 7 and 14. Some of the South West communities, such as Delisle and Grandora, are within commuting distance, but others, like Elrose and Rosetown, are much too far to commute to Saskatoon. Other noteworthy communities in the South West include Cedar Villa, Perdue, Pike Lake and Vanscoy. Homes for sale in all of these areas vary in age, size, architectural style and therefore price.

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